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Our Team - Committee of Applicants

We have a solid team of experienced leaders. 

The Chairman is Brent W. Bien, former Gubernatorial Candidate and Safety Director at Big Horn Aviation. Brent is a retired USMC Colonel, OIC USMC Base Guam, Squadron Commander, and AH1G Super-Cobra Combat pilot with 275 air combat missions in the Balkans, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Mr. Bien is a graduate of the Naval War College in Strategic Studies, and was the Nuclear Airborne Operation Center Operations Officer. He is a graduate of the University of Wyoming with a degree in Civil Engineering.


Rich Weber is our Operations Manager and government political affairs advisor. Rich was the former Gubernatorial campaign manager for Brent Bien. He is a retired Special Forces Green Beret Operations Sergeant Major and Special Operations Coordinator to G-3 I Corp, Pacific Region, Special Operations Future Plans Officer for First Group Okinawa Japan. He was also an Instructor of Military Science at the University of California-Davis and a Regional Security Manager in Northern Iraq.

Cheryl Aguiar, Ph.D. is our Technical Advisor and Legislative Affairs Director. She is a former Research Scientist and Assistant Professor at Colorado State University, published author and Principal Investigator of dozens of private and federally funded grants and projects. She was a past committee of applicants member of a previous Wyoming Initiative to end cross-over voting in Wyoming.  Dr. Aguiar is a business owner, and political freedom fighter.


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