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Why this Initiative?

All of Wyoming tax payers know better how to save their money and what their spending priority should be. We do not need Cheyenne telling us how to do that.

Wyoming 270,000 homeowners unfairly bear the brunt of the collection of billions of dollars in tax burden. The Legislature has refused to cut spending or taxes. Every year spending goes up and taxes go up. Need proof?


Wyoming has a $25 Billion dollar “so called” Rainy Day fund that is comprised of excess tax dollars. Does it ever Rain? Will that money be used in an emergency to save government or help citizens?

What is next for BCR Voter Initiatives?

We have several ideas ruminating including:

Remove Chapter 4 from Title 22.
Get rid of all electronic apparatus in our voting process.

Reduction in small business property tax.

Parental rights in education.

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