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Wyoming Ballot Initiatives

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Current Initiatives

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This Initiative would provide for a 50% exemption for all owner-occupied residences in Wyoming. In other words, after a home is assessed and residential property tax is levied, the homeowner would be exempt from paying half of that amount. A form would be required one time to apply proving the applicant has been a resident of Wyoming for at least one year and lives in that residence for at least 6 months out of the year. This Initiative is currently very close to being completed and signatures sent to the SOS office, and being officially "filed." The goal is to have it on the 2024 ballot in the General Election.


People's Initiative to Return to Hand Counts in All Wyoming Elections

This Initiative, will write into law, the elimination of all references and permissions to use any type of electronic/internet connectivity of any of type in our voting process. It is in it's early stages, but has been filed with the Secretary of State's office but is undergoing the early edits through the LSO, the SOS and other agencies who have a dog in the fight, such as the CCAW (County Clerk Association of Wyoming. Please stay tuned, but donations to this effort are definitely appreciated as we seek out subject matter experts across the nation. We will also need to purchase the petitions soon. 


Restricting Political Party Changes for Primary Elections

This is a past initiative. The COA were different on this Initiative, however, Dr. Aguiar was part of this COA. It pressured, leveraged, influenced, and encouraged the 2022 Legislature to finally pass (after 5 failed years) an identical bill to the Initiative and cross over voting ended in the State of Wyoming. As such, the Initiative was VERY successful in restricting cross-over voting in our primary elections in Wyoming. Though no elected official ever recognized the impact the pressure of this Initiative had on what happened, it was the ONLY difference in FIVE YEARS between this issue finally passing in Legislature. 

Wyoming Ballot Initiatives


Keep Wyoming the freest state in the nation by returning control of the Government to the people as the Founders intended.

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